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Manual Kobido facelift

Introduction to Gua Sha and face cupping


Learn how to perform a global massage lasting 1 hour. A manual massage part and an introduction to Gua Sha and suction cups.

Knowing how to adapt a treatment protocol according to the specific needs of the skin and the expectations of the client.


Training content

  • Kobido massage techniques, Facial Gym  Gua Sha and Cupping

  • Develop your listening and your feelings

  • The benefits of Kobido

  • The meridians of the face

  • Example of a care protocol

  • Mastering the correct posture of the practitioner

  • Global revision of the whole sequence



Training open to all, no prerequisites required.


Teaching materials and tools

An educational document will be given to you during the training. At the end of the module, a training follow-up certificate will be issued to you.

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