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Face care

The Kobido ritual

Kobido is an ancestral Japanese massage of the face, skull and décolleté. 

100% natural, this massage acts on sagging skin and helps fight the signs of aging. The Kobido massage responds to a protocol of precise and meticulous gestures. The Kobido gesture alternates Yin and Yang, between deep and soothing smoothing and light strokes and intense and controlled percussion and vibrations.


The benefits of facial massage are multiple and immediate. The Kobido ritual drains and stimulates the tissues to relaunch the production of elastin and collagen, while bringing the person who receives it to relax and completely relax.


After each session, the complexion is more glowing, luminous, fine lines are reduced, cheekbones are rounded and the oval of the face is better defined. The face is rested, the signs of time faded.


"If you feel fatigue that marks your features, the Kobido facial massage is for you.

It is also a "gift" treatment, which is a pleasure! »

Lasaia Institute Workshop:

1H / €80 -  1H30 / €120

Satnam Club Bordeaux :

1H / €90 -  1H30 / €130

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