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November 21, 2023


December 1, 2023



Intraoral massage is a technique that resculpts and plumps the face by performing an internal and external massage of the facial muscles.It is a non-invasive alternative to injections which gives an anti-aging effect and an immediate boost of radiance!


This double massage will allow in-depth work on the structure of the face, restart blood and lymphatic circulation, improve the quality of the skin and work on the muscle tone responsible for fine lines and deep wrinkles. Coupled with a facial lifting massage, it will stimulate fibroblasts and boost the production of collagen and elastin. This method will act on the nasolabial folds, perioral wrinkles, muscular junctions, lift the oval of the face, open the eyes, relieve maxillofacial tensions and oxygenate the tissues.


The results:  the face is plumped, fine lines are smoothed, the eye contour is drained, the cheekbones are enhanced and the oval shape is redesigned.

A real boost!


This gesture allows you to stretch the muscle fibers and relieve tension in the face due to stress (for example, in the case of bruxism, we will relax the masseter muscles). This will also improve the quality of sleep and allow deep relaxation of the body and mind.


The first part of the morning is devoted to the theoretical part,

in the afternoon learning a protocol. The objective being at the end of the day to master a simple intraoral massage protocol and find the best way to integrate them into your treatment protocols.


All materials are provided during the training.

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