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Face care

Holistic facial Massage

The journey begins after careful make-up removal. Yes it is a trip, which by its duration and its protocol, invites you to let go. Several facial massage and drainage techniques aim to disconnect, relieve tension and operate a true manual lifting. The gesture, made up of treading, pinching and kneading, will solicit nearly 50 facial muscles. This action is complemented by innovative maneuvers, inspired by facial gym, traditional Kobido treatment but also accessories with additional benefits: gua sha in natural stones, anti-aging LED, facial suction cups. 
The Holistic facial massage does not forget any square centimeter of the face, shoulders, neck, head. During this treatment, attention is paid to the release of tension, the elimination of toxins, the opening of the gaze, the oval of the face... and always in a personalized way.
Result ? Stimulated, the epidermis is re-oxygenated and becomes brighter, smoother. The complexion is purified. Scrambled skins are unified. 
Worked in depth, the facial muscles offer a feeling of renewed firmness and a plumper appearance, as if plumped up.

 I recommend an occasional session, for a boost, to reduce stress and  fatigue. The Holistic facial massage can also be considered in regular sessions to give a youthful look and slow down the signs of aging. »

Lasaia Institute Workshop:

1H / €80 -  1H30 / €120

Satnam Club Bordeaux :

1H / €90 -  1H30 / €130

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