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Body care

Lymphatic drainage

Renata Franca Method

Renata Franca owes her fame mainly to her manual lymphatic drainage. Thanks to tonic gestures, firm pressure, regular pumping and a faster rhythm. The Renata Franca drainage that I offer lasts 1 hour. For a more lasting result, it is advisable to carry out this massage as a cure once a week for 5 weeks, then maintain it once a month.

  • What is a drain?

A massage or lymphatic drainage of the whole body to help the circulation of the lymph and therefore the elimination of waste and strengthening the immune system.


  • What is lymph?

Lymph is an organic liquid whose composition is very close to that of blood plasma. It is transported by a network of vessels called the lymphatic system.


  • What's the point ?

Lymph has a preponderant role in the purification of waste from the body and for the defense against infectious agents. The lymph nodes, kinds of nodes on the path of the lymph, serve as a filter and allow the rapid triggering of immune defense reactions.

In immobilized or sedentary people, the lymphatic circulation is not favored and the lymph accumulates in the lower limbs. In this case, manual or mechanical lymphatic drainage can simulate a pump effect to restart the circulation of the lymph.


  • What makes Renata Franca special?

After much research she created her own method, accelerating the rhythm, modifying the pressure, the pumping and creating maneuvers.


  • For who ?

Men and women, for people who practice physical activity, who are overweight and/or who have problems with water retention, circulation, etc.


  • How many sessions?

The frequency of movements and close sessions make the results more lasting. 


Lasaia Institute Workshop :

125 € the session / 550€ the cure of 5 sessions

Satnam Club Bordeaux :

130 € the session / 570€ the cure of 5 sessions

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