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Anti-aging facial treatment

Face care

An exceptional parenthesis, where every detail is designed for the beauty and well-being of body and mind. Traditional gestures are mixed with new techniques, resulting from experiential know-how.
This tailor-made facial treatment acts in depth to restore plumped, revitalized skin, an oxygenated complexion and reduced fine lines. A real moment of gentle and relaxing well-being. This protocol combines a massage inspired by Kobido and the use of the patented Alaena anti-aging range for immediate results.
All starts with a double cleansing and gentle exfoliation, a prelude to an intense hydration mask. Then place in a massage lavished with softness and depth on the face, the nape of the neck, the skull during 45 mn. Finally, after an hour and a half of travel, the application of a suitable serum and moisturizer leaves the skin luminous, rested, ready to give the best of itself.

"I try to make each treatment an exceptional and personalized moment. The diagnosis makes it possible to adapt the gestures and the pressures, to respond precisely to the desires and needs of each one. »

Lasaia Institute Workshop:

1H / €80 -  1H30 / €120

Satnam Club Bordeaux :

1H / €90 -  1H30 / €130

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